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Price List
All Natural Soy Candles:
4 ounce $5   6ounce $6   10 ounce $8
Steelers, WV, Penn State, Cowboys,
Southern Rams - Pillars $15 & up

Personalized Candles $17 & up
Muffins $5
Cinnamon Buns $6
Brownie  $5.00
Breads $7 & up
Small Pies $10
Large Pies $25 & up
Hot Fudge Sundae $15 & up 
Strawberry Shortcake $15 & up
Banana Splits $24
Ice Cream Dish $10
Orange, Lemon & Lime Sherbert $12
Cappocccinno $8 & up 
Hot Chocolates $10 with marshmallows or whipped cream
Parfait $14 & up 
Coca-Cola's: Small $5 Medium $9 Large $16
Lemonades $12 & up
Beer Mugs: Plain $18 With Caps $20
Wine Glass: Small $8 Large $14
Popcorn Candles $10
Candle Lights $25
Massage Oil Candles $15 & up
Cast Iron Skillet Candles  $18
Wax Dipped Animals $10 & Up

Glycerine or Shea Butter Soaps:
$2.50 or 3 for $6.00

(301) 616-8795

The Cimino Candle Company offers a unique variety of candles, soaps, gift baskets and more.  We also provide a “Refilling” service.  This helps to preserve our environment by “Recycling”.  It also saves you money!  Usually when you purchase a candle, you are also paying for the container that it comes in.  With our “Refilling” service, you will only pay for the wax in which you choose.   There are 2 waxes available:  Soy Wax and Gel Wax. 


 “Personalized” candles.

  We will add your personal message or picture to your candle or container.  You choose the color, fragrance and message.  We also have candles and soaps for weddings, showers or any special event.

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